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Meta-data providers

Plugins that provide extra info on MP3, images, ...

Providers a small plugins that are specialists for a certain type of file. The MP3/ID3 provider for instance knows how to read MP3 tags. It enables evidence to show information such as song title, artist's name, release-date and more even if they are not part of the file's name. This information will be displayed in tooltips and in the file-info dialog together with the usual data (file's size, its owner, date of last modification, ...).

Most plugins also allow some of the data to be edited; in the case of the MP3/ID3 plugin, you may edit your MP3 tags in the file-info dialog!

Plugins are not part of the main program; this way, you may easily add plugins without having to rebuild the whole program.
This also means that evidence will only load plugins as it needs them; if you have no MP3-files, the MP3/ID3 plugin will not be loaded.

Most plugins rely on other code ("libraries") that you need to install before you can build or use that plugin:
Plugin Needs
Ogg Vorbis-tag libvorbis, libvorbisfile, libogg
MP3-tag (ID3) libid3 3.8+
image imlib2 (highly recommended for thumbnailer anyway)
TrueType fonts freetype2 (required for evas anyway)
PDF, Real, HTML, ...libextractor

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